The PLEXUS AM45 is a full body acrylic pedestal. Because of its maximum transparency, it perfectly blends into all store interiors, where it will non-obtrusively fulfill its security task.

In case of an alarm event, PLEXUS AM45 notifies staff about the nature of that event by making use of the multicolor lights, illuminating the complete acrylic plate.

Also available with in RF and RF Mono technology.

The PLEXUS blends perfect into the environment

The PLEXUS AM45 is designed to be as transparent as possible.

The foot will absorb any unevenness in the floor so that the covers always fit perfectly on the floor. To guarantee its maximum transparency, integrated people counters have been left out of the design, since we have other solutions for this.


Optional integrated metal detection

Designed to detect so called “booster bags” to alert your staff for potential professional shoplifters entering the store.

If shoplifters arrive with such “booster bags”, the system will detect these bags and trigger an appropriate – optionally silent – alarm. Like giving the pedestal a color on arrival in combination with an appropriate sound signal.