NEXUS RF30 systems are aesthetically superior, match perfectly with your store interior and fulfill their task non-obstructively.

The NEXUS RF30 is a combined RF based 8,2 MHz article surveillance system, visitor counting and advertising system. It offers maximum detection of hard tags and disposable tags in challenging store environments.

This antenna is our universal system which, as a result of its slender design and product features, fits perfectly in every store interior.

The NEXUS RF30 is available with silver-white or space-black, both with glossy covers. Also available with AM Technology.

Bidirectional Visitor Counter Sensors

Bidirectional sensors, integrated in the NEXUS RF30 antennas, count the number of visitors entering and leaving the store.

This enables you to easily verify and adjust staff planning and optimize store performance. But these counters are not only used for counting visitors. In cause of an alarm, the direction of the person leaving or entering the store is registered, so you can take appropriate action. And there is more; they register if your entrance is blocked.

Choose your light

The top light in the pedestal lights up in the color of your choice. It is not only for alarming but also to show that the pedestal is turned on. And why not match the LED color bar with the inserted poster. That makes it stunning!

Integrated Advertising

Integrated advertising is easy to install by lifting the top of the antenna. When the paper advertising poster is inserted, the antenna looks like a picture frame! Advertising is from top to bottom.