ARGUS AM Loop System

Do you want unobscured access to your store, maintaining maximized visitor flow combined with solid merchandise protection?

Our ARGUS AM Loop System offers ultimate discretion thanks to its integration in the wall or the door frame, while performing its highly advanced security task.

The basic ARGUS AM Loop System consists of an aesthetically designed wall mount control unit, a transmitter coil and two sets of satellite receivers. Ideal for stores who do not want to impact the customers’ experience with antennas.

The transmitter coil is integrated into the wall or door frame and the satellite receivers are mounted on the left and right sides of the entrance.

Fully integrated

The system can secure a maximum entrance area of 9 m². A lot of retailers are concerned about maintaining the aesthetic quality of their store. The ARGUS AM Loop System is an EAS system which perfectly fits into walls or door frames, resulting in an almost fully concealed security system.

Also in shopping centers we see an increasing need for concealed systems. Shopping mall owners want a uniform appearance in the entire shopping mall and when stores close or new stores are created, they do not want to break floors or tiles.

That’s why the ARGUS AM Loop System is the right solution for a lot of stores!