ARGUS AM Floor System

Do you want unobscured access to your store, maintaining maximized visitor flow combined with solid merchandise protection?

Our ARGUS AM Floor System offers ultimate discretion while performing its highly advanced security task.

The basic ARGUS AM Floor System consists of a wall mount control unit and an external antenna (2 transceiver coils), which is completely integrated in the floor of the store’s entrance.

Invisible Security

The ARGUS is the right solution for large open entries. The entry width can be extended with several units that are connected to each other.

In shopping centers we see an increasing need for floor systems. Shopping mall owners want a uniform appearance in the entire shopping mall and when stores close or new stores are created, they do not want to break floors or tiles. That is why, in large modern shopping malls, there is more and more opting for non-visible floor systems.

RFID on its favourite spot

We all know that RFID alone is not the best loss prevention solution, but it helps a lot. By integrating RFID into conventional security systems you have the best of both worlds.

And when you need RFID, what is the best spot in the shop when it concerns the entrance? Yes, in the floor. Exactly how we do it with our ARGUS. RFID can optionally be added to the ARGUS. Be prepared for the future without throwing away your current investments.